Charcoal Grill Koteppan

【One-person ~Private reservation OK】Taste exquisite yakitori and charcoal-grilled dishes in traditional Kyoto-style townhouse. All-you-can-drink course available◎

Enjoy chicken dishes made with fresh morning chicken♪

The chicken we use at our restaurant, is morning-drawn chicken from Fushimi, Kyoto, and local chicken from Miyazaki Prefecture! Chicken pulled in the morning is really fresh, and you can enjoy the robust flavor and texture of the chicken ♪
The fragrant yakitori grilled over the highest quality domestic charcoal is truly exquisite! We offer a variety of yakitori parts, please enjoy different parts of the chicken. In addition to yakitori, we also offer a la carte dishes that we put a lot of time and effort into. Please enjoy it with sake.

Koteppan's Specialty Yakitori♪

Koteppan mainly serves yakitori. We use the freshest morning-drawn chicken and the highest quality charcoal for grilling to produce exquisite yakitori.
The homemade secret sauce used for yakitori is a secret ingredient of "Reisui Iruiri Soy Sauce, Anan Valley", which has been approved by professional chefs. The soy sauce is made with Ananotani Reisui from Toyama Prefecture, and is characterized by its light sweetness. We use it not only as a secret sauce, but also as a secret ingredient for various dishes!